The Strōma Laser System is designed to
reveal underlying natural
eye colors

Darker eyes are mysterious and beautiful, and just underneath the darker surface pigment lie unique shades of amber, hazel, grey, green, and blue.
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01. Pigment

In dark eyes, the iris surface is covered by a thin layer of brown pigment.

02. Change

During an in-office procedure, a Strōma-certified physician will use the patented Strōma Laser System to deliver energy several times to this thin layer of iris pigment. This procedure takes less than one minute per eye. The number of treatments required depends upon how dark the eye is before treatment and how light an eye color the patient hopes to achieve.

03. Reveal

For three to four weeks after the procedure, the natural underlying eye color should gradually be revealed.

Before & After Image

The following is representative of a before-and-after image. The prototype laser left a ring of pigment around the pupil. The commercial laser system, however, is designed to leave no pigment around the pupil.



Strōma is the leader in permanent eye color change, with its revolutionary Strōma® Laser System.

Strōma Medical Corporation is a clinical stage medical device company located in Irvine, California. Strōma has developed, the Strōma Laser System, a patented laser technology to change eye color from brown, hazel or black to the options of a natural lighter color. This surgically non-invasive treatment requires only a topical anesthetic, is performed in a doctor’s office, requires minimal recovery time, and can be performed in less than a minute per eye per treatment.

The Strōma Laser System is a stand-alone technology intended to be leased to refractive surgeons worldwide (e.g., LASIK-certified ophthalmologists). Ophthalmologists with an established laser practice generally have the infrastructure necessary to market, recruit, educate, and follow-up with patients.

Strōma is well positioned to capitalize on the large unmet demand for permanent eye-color change by providing consumers with a simple solution designed for a safe and natural-looking result. Strōma Medical Corporation has commissioned a primary market research study through a U.S. research firm. The study concluded 17.5% of consumers with dark eyes would undergo the procedure if it were safe and effective, and an additional 35% would consider the procedure under the same conditions in the future. Combined with demographic research findings, Strōma predicts a U.S. market of approximately 850,000 individuals per year. An even greater international market opportunity exists due to larger dark-eyed populations, and a high demand for related cosmetic surgeries. Strōma anticipates a sustainable market opportunity of $2.9B worldwide at maturity.